November 3, 2022

In this Post-Pandemic Life we're in, recruitment has shifted so much. The most summarizing way to describe it is that our job market is now "Candidate-Centric." 

Not saying it wasn't this way at all before COVID-19, but as employers have scrambled to staff up, job-seekers have inherently been given the upper hand in the deal - and it is very unlikely we'll go back to the way things were before 2020! 

The GEN-Z and Millennial candidates that are coming up in the workforce are naturally the most technological-savvy. So, one of the natural challenges with this candidate pool is attracting them to a brick-and-mortar workplace rather than a remote/hybrid model. Key to the solution is committing to a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive (DEI) company culture – mirroring both generations' statistically high diversity make-up. 

Beyond just matching up to the trends of today's workers, what else can we do to draw candidates back in to service level jobs? 

When you frame recruitment in this way, it really feels more akin to SELLING. If you've never thought of hiring from a sales point-of-view, there couldn’t be a better time than now to start! 

According to Candace Kiersky, Jyst's Sales and Marketing Lead, "the most effective sales journeys revolve around a story." So the moment before you hire other folks to help run your business, is the moment you need to clearly outline three things for your company.

"By getting clear on these three things, you now have the basis for your business to engage with the community – and a story that can be passed easily from ear to ear."  

  • Origin Story 
  • Mission 
  • Why (Challenges) & How (Solutions) 

Stories create connection. After a lecture, most people won't remember a statistic, but most will remember a story. "I learned this over and over again while working as a cheesemonger at Beecher's Handmade Cheese," said Kiersky. "Stories helped me engage with customers, and they helped my memory grow and retain information about hundreds of products." 

By creating an environment rich in culture, diversity, and connection, you are providing something that remote workplaces cannot. 

As like attracts like, you are, above all, making the case for businesses all over to focus on the HEART. You are engaging with a passion for service that is necessary to compliment a world that is mostly spread out over devices and platforms. 

Download Jyst to swipe for your next hire and keep creating your story. 

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