What is Anti-Resume

May 17, 2022

These days, is a resume really necessary?  

This seems to be a very split debate, but whatever the case, we thought there could be something better.  

From our varied experience hiring servers (co-founder Meagan), to high-level staff (co-founder Josh), we all agreed that we could do without the resume. Here are our reasons: 

1) For a busy restaurant owner, the process of sifting through pages of experience causes friction and takes away time we simply don't have.  

2) Special skills and related experience isn't really necessary for a lot of jobs like being a dishwasher, server, or barista. A lot of the times it comes down to things like punctuality, or personality and the cultural fit with the existing team. 

3) It can lead to biases. For instance... Harvard vs community college? 5 years of experience vs none? Hard skills vs soft skills? And speaking to the last point, a lot of these experiences are not even necessary for the job! Not to mention, employers may be selecting or overlooking potential candidates based on their assumptions about their names or affiliations.  

4) Even when we have a resume, it is common to search for the candidate's social media pages to see what they were like, their lifestyle, and interests. With a visual on this person, employers have a better idea of whether the candidate would be a fit for their business. It's through social media that employers get the JYST of who the candidate is.  

5) Some common feedback about resumes is that they don't really paint a full picture of our lives. They tell us how long you were at a job, and what skills were used to execute, but they don't celebrate the challenges and successes it took to get there. The Anti Resume Project led by U Penn is an exploration of this concern. Much like dating, it is these little details that set you apart from other candidates.  

At Jyst we thought, JYST ditch the resume!  We still pull out the essentials: 

*Position of interest 


*Interests  ...aka hobbies and company culture... 


*And education... to an extent 

But we have also added in some key elements, such as pay and benefits offered and sought, hours or flexibility of hours, including gig work, and finally, distance to commute.  There is a lot of buzz around WFH, but it's important to remember that not every job can be done from home.  Your server at your favorite restaurant can't pass you a plate from the comfort of their couch. 

Overall, with the Jyst app, creating a profile is more convenient than typing and printing your own Word doc resume copies.  Finding a printer to print them out and hand in or mail.  Or emailed.  Or worst of the worst, submitting to the online resume black box of nothingness.  Jyst is person to person, direct, and your results are as fast as you can swipe for matches. As we continue developing the app, we aim to lead conversations about a better alternative, and providing an experience that is supportive! 

Please stay tuned over the next several weeks for our release of The Jyst, Version 2.0! 

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