The Jyst Philosophy

April 15, 2022

At Jyst, we see the Foundational Worker as the backbone of the American economy. For far too long, this workforce has been referred to as unskilled, uneducated, and inexperienced. These words imply that something is lacking, which is not only degrading but diminishes the Foundational Worker’s contribution to society.

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Together, we can shift this narrative and give Foundational Workers the acknowledgment they deserve. After all…the Foundational Worker is our server at our favorite restaurant. 

The cashier at our local gas station. 
The driver dropping off our takeout orders.
The barista making our daily lattes. 
The warehouse assistant packing our online orders.

Some are reentering the workforce after raising families. Some want to work part-time while going to school or traveling the world. Some prefer the flexibility of a career in the service industry. 

Whatever the reason or motivation for seeking a position, the search should be the least difficult part. That’s why we've created a mobile job marketplace to help job seekers and employers connect. That’s the Jyst of it!

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