Ski to Sea 2022

June 2, 2022

Happy June, everybody! Before we launch fully into summer, we want to take a minute and share our memories (and notes!) from Sunday's Ski-to-Sea in Bellingham! 

We've walked the Fairhaven streets, with our families, for this event for many years. But this year we were out to work the crowd ourselves, for JYST! Josh, Karli, and I (Candace, Marketing/Sales Lead) stood in front of Drizzle Tasting Room and convinced many of you to scan our QR codes and download the app! 

We stood in front of our Anti-resume sign attracting passer-byers to ask, "What is Jyst". Were were happy to answer the anti-resume job app, where you swipe to match with your next position or hire. The feedback we received was encouraging! The downloads were more plentiful than we expected! And the weather behaved, too! Success, it was!

Thank you Bellingham! 

Stay tuned to hear about upcoming events in June & July! 

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