New App, New Language Around Jobs

August 5, 2022

Being a part of something so new and so young is quite the trip! Like most things at that age, you can expect a big amount of change in a short amount of time. 

Jyst is no different! 

Our new app for finding jobs (or employees) is definitely keeping us on the edge of our seat!

Check out our web version here.

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When the idea to create Jyst was "born," it originated from the need for businesses in hospitality and retail to connect with candidates using a personalized approach. Business owners and managers reported that they couldn't find help.  We thought everyone (on both ends) needed a better search engine that made more sense for the industry.  Our idea seemed to stick - "what if there was an app like Tinder, but for jobs???" 

In the same breath, we felt like the current language around the sector we all refer to as the "Service Industry" needed a major lift.  We considered what these jobs do for our day-to-day lives, and the impact they have on our economy, and we concluded that the word "foundational" was much more appropriate than "entry level," "less skilled," "less educated...," etc. This immediately sounded more positive – conjuring imagery such as the food pyramid, or the steps in building a house – where the foundation must be strong for the rest to function. This is the kind of imagery that demands truth and  respect! 

What we quickly realized is that there are "Foundational" jobs across ALL industries – not just hospitality and retail. We found out that other businesses desperately needed a new hiring tool as well. So, we shifted, which only further developed our language.  

Jyst is made for the FOUNDATIONAL WORKFORCE.

The jobs within this realm are SERVICE LEVEL.

Jobs that ANYONE can enter at ANY STAGE OF THEIR LIVES.  

Not just temporary jobs that don't require specific hard skills or any certain level of education; they are jobs that BRIDGE THE GAP for a lot of people between work experiences, life stages, ability and accessibility.  

On that note, many of these jobs are SKILLS DEVELOPERS (like in restaurants where you wear many hats). 

Often these jobs have been marked as "ESSENTIAL" during the pandemic and offer stability. 

And, in many cases, these jobs offer LONG CAREER PATHS.  

Do you see how simply tweaking our vocabulary creates a different image of what these jobs are? We believe we can bring more respect to this level of the workforce, partly with the language we are using; but it is not just a language we are aiming to express – it is a movement. And through the technology of Jyst, we only hope it will come through in our app, as well! 

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