How Jyst is Disrupting the Job Search Industry

September 8, 2022

How is Jyst disrupting the Job Search Industry? 

We recently posted all about this on Tik Tok! That ONE post generated over 5,000 views (beginner's luck??!) and seemed to resonate with a LOT of people out there.  

As outlined in the video, here are the ways we believe Jyst is different than any other job search currently available, and disrupting the industry at large: 

1) We are changing the WAY people are looking for jobs and candidates. 

Users can create a profile within seconds, and start looking through options immediately, using swipe-to-match technology similar to dating apps.  

It is meeting job seekers and HR managers where they spend a lot of time – their phones; so it is magnetic, and immediate. And instead of filling out a profile with all of your information, just to do it AGAIN for specific jobs - we've cut this part out along with the resume.

With all of the elements of a profile, and a more streamlined approach, we believe the 1:1 connections made on Jyst will be more nuanced, leading to higher quality matches.  

2) We are forging a way for businesses to be more inclusive in their hiring process.

Originally, we called ourselves the anti-resume job matching app. To us, this meant getting rid of a point of friction – the resume. Using paper resources, taking time to print and read, and requiring the "know-how" to make.  

What became apparent in talking to others, was that the resume is overwhelming. By extracting the essentials from a resume into a digital format, we can even the playing field for those with varied levels of ability, accessibility, and experience – making Jyst for everyone. 

3) We are offering a new language around the service industry.

Finally, we really felt it was time someone updated the language around the service industry into something more positive. When you think about the service industry and you consider what they do for our lives and economy, these jobs have a lot of importance. Although, the current language around the service industry is a bit degrading. 

To us, it seemed more appropriate to us to call that the Foundational Workforce. Already, this word conjures up images of the food pyramid or a house, where the foundation must be strong for the rest to flourish. 

As we delve into BETA case studies, we are eager to develop our app in ways that cultivate these ideas further... and totally disrupt the status quo of the job search industry!

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