What's Going On with Jyst - the "swipe-able" job search

July 14, 2022

The Jyst, our new app-based job search engine, is having really great momentum right now! We are making a splash in Western Washington, with a highlight in recent news (Cascadia Daily), and plans to be at Ballard SeafoodFest.

Jyst, making your job search (or employee search) so much easier, at the swipe of the finger

Here is what's going on in a nutshell: 


  1. We have concentrated our efforts in Bellingham as a test market. We’ve had several “Download Events” geared toward building a relationship with marquee businesses, while getting downloads along with important feedback, right on the spot. Plus, we're learning what works and what doesn't! 
  1. In the last few weeks, we have seen natural growth almost every day – getting us over 550 users, including 80 available job positions. And THAT is VERY exciting. 
  1. From all of our networking, we've connected with key businesses representing their own niche within the foundational workforce. We believe that our close collaboration with these businesses will help to tailor The Jyst around specific needs, which will ultimately open the doors for more businesses to join our platform, and candidates to use The Jyst as their default job search engine.
  1. We got our first press write up from Cascadia Daily News! Thank you Cascadia Daily News and Frank Catalano for the great article.  Follow this link to read the article.

We are proud of where this work has brought us, and we are confident we are on a path towards success!

If you'd like to find out when will be launching in your area, and stay in the know, please sign up for our newsletter!

General Announcements

  • We have launched our web version! You can login directly from our website here! It works just like the app! 
  • Finally, and most importantly, our version 2.0 is submitted to the app stores. We don't have an exact ETA of when it will be available, but we will send out an alert when they are! 

Celebrate with us at Ballard SeafoodFest!

Ballard SeafoodFest, Seattle, WA - Saturday, July 16th & Sunday, July 17th - 2022

This coming weekend marks our "debut" into the Seattle area where we will be a large sponsor at Ballard Seafood Fest, near the beer garden. Come check out our colorful booth, meet the founders, and grab a can of Jones Soda

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