Future Features - The Making of a Job Search App

September 8, 2022

Every app has a past, present, and future, right!? The making of a Job Search and Hiring platform, the integration of new ideas, and feature updates is a new world to the founding team. BUT we have a great dev (developer) team in place that have helped show us the way!  

We are a young company, and expect a LOT of change coming up. Like any good thing, however, it just takes time.  

With a love for imagery, we compare the process of integration and implementation to that of a train! From Point A to Point B, you can expect many stops, some adding to the load, and some dispensing full carts when their specific journey is complete. Whatever the case may be, we keep charging ahead down a track towards a solid, successful platform.  

Lately, our days have consisted of talking directly with our end users, compiling feedback, setting a prioritized roadmap, designing the user experience, and passing it off to our developers for implementation.  

The key ingredient? YOU! Our users are the ones looking at Jyst all day, every day. The feedback we can glean from anyone with a fresh eye and new perspective is vital to our growth.  

Please sign up for our email newsletter that will be distributed a couple times a month (at most) to stay updated with what is in the works, and infuse your thoughts and specific needs into our development. 

You can email us your ideas and feedback directly at support@thejyst.com as well. We love hearing from you! 

Subscribe to our Future Features updates from our website's homepage here:  https://www.thejyst.com

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