Ditch the Resume?

May 24, 2022

We are Jyst, the anti-resume job match app.  I guess you could say we are addicted to the thought of a world without them, and we wanted to find out whether we were alone in this.  

As it turns out, we are not alone at all. We posted to Reddit, "if you could replace resumes or cover letters, what would you replace them with?" Of course, we wanted everyone's answer to be "THE JYST," but we are still working on getting our baby out there in the world.  

We were totally surprised by the amount of responses to this question! We feel confident we have a microcosmic view, or the JYST (hardy harr harr) of what hiring managers and job seekers prefer. 

I think we can sum it up in a few sentences: 

  • The moment when you've just finished your resume to find out you have to fill in a form online instead. 
  • Personality is KING. How does a resume convey personality??? 
  • There is ambiguity with crafting a resume.  What is important information or work they are proud of to the applicant may be irrelevant to the reviewer. Meanwhile, another reviewer may want to see something totally different.   
  • In person you can convey so much more, tell and show how you are amazing! 
  • Skills are nice, but can be teachable.  The applicant can learn everything they need to know on the job.   
  • Career or position change.  A resume will show my experience in one industry, say nursing, but the skills and especially soft skills can be transferable.  From nurse to server, bed-side to table-side. A person could do both. ...This is where the functional resume comes in.  Jyst essentially extracts a functional resume to create the job seeker profile.  We highlight skills and interests...a person's vibe.   
  • Another noted, hiring is more difficult without them.  

Less is more. Plus, resumes take a lot of time if you are trying to customize it for every place you apply to – it doesn't need to be complicated or feel like you're trying to sell yourself. Jyst fact. 

Overall, a few people still love resumes. While many stood on the other side of the fence and thought they were outdated.  And cover letters...obsolete.  At Jyst, we love the conversation this has started. We will continue to post questions on Reddit about hiring, the job market, finding jobs and everything else that relates.  We can't wait to keep the conversation going!  

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