A LIFE Without the Foundational Worker

March 30, 2022

In our last post, we described a day without the services that come from the workforce in service we are re-defining.  

We think it's safe to say that without coffee on-the-go, regular trash pick-up, or a stocked grocery store, every day would be a "Manic Monday." But still, we want to drill deeper!  

At JYST, we know this workforce covers more than just daily conveniences.  

As we continue to define the Foundational Worker, we'd like your next bite to digest what we could not LIVE without if this very necessary workforce were to vanish.  

A Life Without the Foundational Worker 

15 Foundational Jobs That Keep Us Hygienic, Healthy, Safe and Alive 

  1. Medical Oxygen Delivery Driver  
  2. Forest Fire Inspector (who knew?) 
  3. Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator 
  4. Hearing Aid Specialist  
  5. Railroad Police  
  6. Auto Mechanic 
  7. Hospital Attendant 
  8. Caregiver  
  9. Transportation Crews for Plowing Snow & Ice, and maintaining traffic signs 
  10. Insurance Specialist 
  11. Telecommunication Workers 
  12. Emergency Responder 
  13. Case Manager 
  14. Shelter Chef 
  15. Construction Worker 
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