A Day Without Foundational Workers

March 17, 2022

Foundational Worker Grocery Store Clerk | Jyst Job Matching App

Do you ever hear a term that you understand the "gist" of, but don't quite have the words to define?

For Jyst, the term "Foundational Worker" is at the core of everything we do; and we are using it to reframe the discourse around a workforce in service that is very broad.  

Who are we talking about? Let us start to define our new term by painting a picture of a Day Without the Foundational Worker. 

A Day Without the Foundational Worker: 

15 Things You'd Have to Live Without 

  1. Trash or recycling pick-up (drivers/sanitation services) 
  2. Mail (mail person) 
  3. A stocked grocery store (grocery clerk) 
  4. Coffee on your way to work (barista) 
  5. Being served a glass of water in a restaurant (server) 
  6. Amazon packages (delivery drivers) 
  7. WiFi service at your house (cable guy?) 
  8. Samples in Costco (oops, that's so 2019) 
  9. Dry cleaning (receptionist/cleaner) 
  10. Getting your car washed (attendant) 
  11. Sliced bread (baker) 
  12. Taking public transportation (driver) 
  13. Going to the gym (managers/trainer) 
  14. Daycare or a babysitter (caretaker) 
  15. Sending flowers to anyone for any reason (florist) 
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